The Family Session

Family Photographer in Amsterdam, family Amsterdam Canal Photoshoot

I am a Family Portrait, Lifestyle Photographer based in Amsterdam Lifestyle photoshoot aims to portrait people during their normal daily life, having fun at the park, celebrating a milestone or simply chilling at home or in the Amsterdam Canals! The beauty of this product is to take pictures in a stunning location, a park or Amsterdam Canals or in the comfort of your own home or in my studio. Family Amsterdam Canal Photoshoot.

Do you need some idea? You can check my portfolio for the Amsterdam Canals Photoshoot, Would you rather be in the nature? Please check my portfolio for Outdoor Session.  If you like you can also have a  look at my  Studio Portfolio. I love the Family Canal Shoots!

Family Photographer in Amsterdam
Luciana Blair Photography – Tulip Fields

My quality promise for you:

  • Each photo is   checked for quality   and   colour    optimised.
  • skin retouching (when requested also body shaping and retouching can be done)
  • Your photos become individual   masterpieces to treasure for life
  • all chosen photographs   in    resolution    without watermark
  • private rights of use  for you to any duplication of your photos

Family Canal Photoshoot
Luciana Blair Photogrpahy _ Family Portaits


What do I need to make my child happy?
Chocolates, treats, make sure you have a water/juice.  Please do not get nervous if you see the kid not cooperatiing this would just make the matters worse.

When is the best time for a outdoor session?
Best time is within 2 hours after the sunrise and before the sunset, when the light is warm and not too strong and does not create harsh shadows on the faces. Susnets are magic for your Family Amsterdam Canal Photoshoot

What should we wear?
I would avoid bright, too dark or fluorescent colours, nothing that catches the eyes too much. I would wear just either white or cream, may be light gray is also ok. Please avoid   busy patterns, or   tops with big pictures or distracting text.   Do wear   classic and timeless. Your clothes don’t have to catch that attention and distract from your faces. You can wear a nice dress or a white/cream top a nice and smart shirt…if you have doubts you can send me some pictures so I can tell you!

Family Canal Photoshoot, where do you shoot them? I do have my trusted plaches! My canal shoot are takin often in one place where I know all the est spots!

What if it rains?
Then we can either have a session in the rain (with all rain gear nice and set) or we can reschedule at the first convenience.

Do you provide all the unedited pictures?
I don’t provide any unedited pictures or RAW files.


Luciana Blair Photography- Grandparents Visits

Family Portrait, Lifestyle Photographer in Amsterdam.



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