The Newborn Session

Newborn Photographer in Amsterdam

 I love Newborn photoshoots, these are the very important and first photos, your child will look at forever, these are the photos you will send to grandparents and family members.

During the life everyone will possibly have several photoshoot (even several Weddings perhaps!) but one and just one Newborn session!

This why it is so special and important that these first moment are professionally captured to be treasured forever.   

I love Newborn photoshoot,

Newborn Photographer in Amsterdam

For us expat having the family abroad  it is also very important that they are close to us in this very special moment, and the best way to send the love to all of them is   sending them beautiful pictures of their beloved babies.

For Newborn I have two different styles, one is a Lifestyle/Family Newborn, where I don’t use positioning props, you can have a look at my portfolio for Family Newborn HERE

The other style I offer is a Fully posed Newborn Session where I use all my props and positioning tools, baby is asleep for most of the session and we do have also some set ups with the family and the siblings.  For the pictures with the family you can refer to the link above, for the posed newborn pictures you can have a look at my portfolio HERE.   

Luciana Blair Newborn Family


Included in the price is my photographic performance, the use of my accessories, image editing.

Lifestyle/Family Newborn    Package with  10/12 (10 pictures with Privacy or 12 with Online Model Release) files chosen by you & prints of the chosen files high quality  Photo paper, Album Fine Art 29×20,One 30×40 Fine Art Print: 325, – €  (incl BTW)

Fully Posed Newborn Package with   10/12(10 pictures with Privacy or 12 with Online Model Release) digital files chosen by you & prints of the chosen files high-quality  Photo paper, Album Fine Art 29×20, One 30×40 Fine Art Print : 395, – €* (incl BTW)

DE LUXE Fully Posed Newborn Package with  40/45 (40 pictures with Privacy or 45 with Online Model Releasedigital files   chosen by me & 20×20 Album (24pages) : 650, – € * (incl BTW)

*extra Pictures can be purchased, the price of 1 extra picture is 25 , 5 extra for 75 €, 10 extra for 130€ , 15 extra for 180 € (all prices incl BTW)

**Posed newborn session are done in my Studio but can be done at the comfort of your own home with 50euros supplement (incl BTW) .  Family Newborn can be done indifferently in my Studio or at your place without any extra.

Newborn Photographer in Amsterdam

My quality promise for you:

  • Each photo is   checked for quality   and   colour    optimised.
  • skin retouching (when requested also body shaping and retouching can be done)
  • Your photos become individual   masterpieces to treasure for life
  • all chosen photographs   in    resolution    without watermark
  • private rights of use  for you to any duplication of your photos



How long does a newborn session last?

A fully posed Newborn Session  lasts up to 3 hours, sometimes also 3,5. This all depends also with you and how you feel and how baby feels, so don’t worry too much. The important thing for me is that during the session everybody feel relax and no rush.

What should I wear?

I suggest to wear comfortable nice neutral colour clothes and to avoid too much make up. Light shades are ok, none or neutral nail polish. Same for the rest of the family, avoid bright colour, dark colour. Avoid t-shirt with distracting logos, pictures or patterns. Better to have nice neutral light colour like white, cream, beige, grey or light blue.

Will you take pictures of all the family or just of the baby? 

 I take pictures of all the family. Mommy, daddies and siblings are more than welcome to join!

How old the baby should be? 

 Ideally a Newborn session should be done within the first 14 days, but in saying this I had many successful session even with a 6 weeks baby, so no worries, and remember that feeling ready for you is also important.



How do I book a Newborn session?

Every week I always leave some space for “emergency sessions” one in the weekend and one during the week, so please contact me to book in advance and let me know your due date (this is important as I can take just so much newborns a month!)

Then as soon as your baby is born and we will arrange a session at first availability. I do a lot of these session during the week usually also the partner can be present due to the fact that they would have some day off from work.

Do you provide all the unedited pictures?
I don’t provide any unedited pictures or RAW files.


Newborn Photographer in Amsterdam




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