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 Lifestyle, Newborn Maternity photographer Amsterdam

My name is Luciana, I am    Lifestyle, Newborn Maternity photographer Amsterdam!   I   have lived here since 2010 and I am a full-time photographer and mother of two little girls. They were my very first models. This journey as mother made me want those moments to last forever. I could do this just through Photography.
This is how I started, taking back an art that had been taught to me by my dad. He had photography as a hobby and we spent hours bonding together trying to get the best pictures, we went to the mountain, we photographed stars. It was a long job, for every picture we would write down the camera setting and then wait for the film to be developed with excitement and then compare the results in order to get the perfect exposure!
Through the years I never stopped taking photos and tried to improve all the time, and it is thanks to this I became the Photographer I am now. As a photographer I like to interact with people, I love encouraging individuals to look at each other and express their feelings.  My aim is to portray you as you are the beautiful energy you bring around. I am a people photographer, I have a studio and I do Lifestyle sessions and of course, I love little Newborn babies! Sometimes I feel I can’t take a picture unless there is a person in it!
Photoshoots to me have to be fun. I hate saying “cheese” – laughter has to be spontaneous and real because in this way your full face will brighten up and the results will be outstanding.

 Lifestyle, Newborn Maternity photographer Amsterdam! 




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